Stoke Recruiting Agencies

Here at WorkForce Employment we are one of the leading Stoke recruiting agencies. COVID-19 has hit people and businesses harder than we could have ever imagined. So with the re-opening process of businesses, we aim to be the bridge between them and possible employees.

Our goal is to help as many businesses rebuild their brands and companies by finding and hiring the right people for the job. Furthermore, we also help people looking for a job to help them get back on their feet by sending the right job for them, their way. We pride ourselves in giving help and support to the people who both want and need it. This is a big part of what makes our company and services some of the best in Stoke and surrounding areas.

Why is this one of the best Stoke recruiting agencies?

WorkForce works with companies to accompany every detail they have for preference upon advertising a job. Our goal isn’t just to have a company gain the employee they want. However, there are more that they need and provide the highest level of clarity through communication. We also make sure that our website is up to date to make sure that everything is being communicated at an updated pace between companies and possible employees.

So far, our goals and authenticity of what we do is working at an extremely high rate. This can be seen on our home page with our testimonials. Click here to be taken to this page.

Due to a study online, we have found that 75 percent of resumes are rejected before they reach the hiring manager. More on this and many more types of statistics can be found here.

Where can I go to contact and get more information on this?

If you need more information on these types of things. Click here to go to our contact page.